Energy Clearing

1730 Cleveland Miami Beach

Clear your home of bad energies!

* Are you moving into a new home and don’t want the energy of previous tenants to affect you?

* Have there been arguments/bad things happening where you now live?

* Are you or have you split up with someone who has been living in your house with you?

*Would you like to clear the energies of your house to welcome a new partner?

* Did the people who lived in your new home before you have money/other problems and you don’t want that energy to affect you?

These and other situations are very good reasons to have the energy of your home cleared. Personally, I never move into a new house without cleaning out the energy. Who wants the old yuck?

I clean the energy of houses with incense, sage and energy clearing. Fees start at $150.

Personal energy clearing of an individual costs $200. This is particularly useful when you are going through big changes, such as divorce or a house move.

You can send a payment or donation to

Call 305 924 3231 or fill out the form below to make your appointment now.

Click Here


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